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What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better

It’s not our tag line or our slogan, it’s our CULTURE! At Ramos Law, everything starts with our founder, Dr. Joseph Ramos. Dr. Ramos is different in so many unique and special ways…he’s BOTH a doctor and a lawyer. He spends time teaching and sharing his message of POSSIBILITY! with kids and other special interest groups in our community, and he donates to a number of causes that align with his personal values of faith, family and excellence. As part of making Ramos Law DIFFERENT from any other law firm, Dr. Ramos has created and established four Core Values that bring his personal values to life in all aspects of Ramos Law.

Our Core Values

We measure everything we do through the lens of these values and by keeping true to them, we can deliver not only the best possible outcomes for our clients but we can also create relationships with them that last long after their case is done. The following four Core Values define who we are as a law firm and help us as individual team members become better each and every day:

Care Deeply: Caring begins with each individual on the Ramos Law team and spreads throughout every level of our firm. Every team member is given tools to take care of themselves and their personal health. Teammates spend time together inside the office and out in the community building positive relationships with each other. Clients are treated with compassion, dignity and respect at all times and our team takes the time to listen to their needs, act on those needs and then follow up to be sure the needs were met. You will FEEL the Ramos Law difference…that’s our promise!

Communicate Openly and Effectively: All relationships begin and end on their quality of communication. Every intra-office and client engagement system revolves around great communication. Throughout your case, we want to know how you are feeling, the treatments you are receiving and where the insurance companies stand in relation to taking care of your needs. We’ll be honest in our evaluation of your case from the very beginning. We’ll communicate with your doctors when needed to help you understand the medical aspect of your case. We’ll keep the insurance companies on notice throughout your case the extent of your injuries so there are no “surprises”.

Pursue Excellence In Everything We Do: Our goal is simple…to be the best at what we do! By constantly pursuing excellence in every aspect of your case, we have the best chance possible of helping you get through what can be one of the toughest times of your life. Every team member at Ramos Law goes through regular training programs to ensure they are always at the forefront of every step within the client and case management process. We continually provide educational programs to all team members that focus on the common injuries found in crashes and the workplace, on the latest treatments that help get you better the quickest and even on how the insurance companies want to get information about your case. Remember, our founder is a doctor and a lawyer…education to be the best is at the center of everything he does and everything we do.

Put Others First: By putting our focus on others, we have the opportunity to live our mission and vision which is to protect those in need while making our community a better place to live. Putting others first comes in many forms. We certainly put our clients’ needs…YOUR needs first. Every day our job is to see what you might need and then to do everything we can to help you get that need met. Whether that be a call to an insurance company or your doctor, a letter written on your behalf, or even just a check in with you to see how you are feeling and how your medical care is going, putting you first is at the center of what we do.
Putting others first expands well beyond the walls of Ramos Law. We invest extensive resources in making our community a better place to live. We believe that being a part of our neighborhoods means serving our neighbors. Whether as individuals or in groups, we love to participate in programs and events that promote education, safety and well-being. By engaging with the people we serve, we have the opportunity to give back to those in need and to share our values in a way that is truly meaningful.