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The Colorado Slip and Fall Lawyers

Many people associate slip and fall accidents with ice and snow during the winter or wet surfaces in stores. However, slip and fall accidents can occur in any location and cause serious injuries for accident victims. Your life can be changed forever within a few seconds if you are injured by a serious fall at while at work, your home, on private property, or at a commercial location. Expert slip and fall attorneys that specialize in personal injury cases can help you by providing legal support as you focus on your recovery.

Slip and Fall Statistics

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you might think. According to the National Floor Safety Institute[1], falls are the most common reason why people visit emergency rooms. Eight million people require emergency room care for falls each year in the United States. Slips and falls result in one million emergency room visits each year. Most people think of a slip and fall as someone slipping on water in a commercial store; however, a slip and fall can occur in any location and under any condition.

OSHA[2] reports slips, trips, and falls result in 15% of accidental deaths and the majority of accidents in the workplace. People slip and fall at home, while shopping, in parking lots, in nursing homes, at gas stations, and while visiting friends. Anywhere you go you can be the victim of a slip and fall accident. For those who are injured in a slip and fall accident, recovery can be costly, painful, and long.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)[3] reports that 20% of falls result in broken bones or a head injury. Actually, falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries. The elderly are particularly at risk of falls due to their age and health. Ninety-five percent of all hip fractures (common in elderly patients) are caused by falling and falls are one of the most common nursing home accidents.

Colorado Slip and Fall Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about slip and fall claims. Below are some of the most common questions our attorneys answer for clients. We offer complimentary consultations so that you can get answers to your specific slip and fall questions.

Premises liability is an area of personal injury law covering injuries sustained on another person’s property. If you are injured while on commercial or private property, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Property owners have a duty of care to ensure the property is safe for visitors, guests, and customers. If the property owner fails in his or her duty of care, the owner is liable for any injuries sustained while on the property.

The CDC assigned several risk factors that indicate a person may be at a higher risk of experiencing a slip and fall. The more risk factors a person has the more likely he or she will experience a fall. Those factors include:

  • Individuals with weakness in the lower body
  • A lack of Vitamin D
  • Individuals who experience difficultly walking or have difficulty with balance
  • Using certain medications that can cause drowsiness or other side effects that effect movement (i.e. painkillers, sedatives, antidepressants, etc.)
  • Problems with vision
  • Wearing certain shoes and problems with foot pain
  • Environment hazards such as broken and uneven steps, flooring material, lack of handrails, etc.

Depending on the type of work that you perform, you also may be at a greater risk of workplace slip and fall injuries.[1] However, slips and falls are not limited to the workplace. You can slip and fall while shopping, crossing a parking lot to get to your vehicle, walking down a sidewalk, visiting a friend or neighbor, attending a play at your child’s school, or exiting an elevator at a hotel.

Regardless of where you are when you fall, if you are injured, the property owner may be liable for your damages and you may be entitled to receive compensation.


A slip and fall accident is a serious matter. The physical, emotional, and financial damages from a slip and fall accident can easily reach into the millions of dollars. If you are injured in a Colorado slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing medical and personal care, physical pain, emotional suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and permanent disfigurement or scarring. Damages are unique to each slip and fall case; therefore, you may be entitled to receive other compensation depending on the circumstances of your accident.

The law also requires the student athlete to be restricted from reentering the game, competition, and practice if the athlete has sustained a concussion or if there is suspicion they have. The student may not be a participant in any team activity involving physical action until the athlete has been evaluated and received written permission from a health care professional.

No one leaves home expecting to be seriously injured in a slip and fall accident. If you are injured while on another person’s property, taking the right steps after a fall can help your attorney prepare a strong case against the property owner and other parties who are responsible for your injuries.

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention – Your health is your number one priority. Slips and falls cause serious injuries that can result in permanent conditions. If you are injured, contact emergency medical help or go to the hospital. Even if you believe you are not seriously injured, you should still have a medical exam. The soreness and pain you feel days and weeks after a fall could be an indication of a more serious injury.
  • Report Your Accident – Immediately report the fall to the property owner. If the property owner is not on site, report the fall to a manager or other person of authority. Insist that you receive a copy of the written accident report before you leave.
  • Photograph the Accident Scene – Use the camera on your phone or ask another person to take pictures of the accident scene as it is at the time of the accident. The property owner is likely to repair or correct the conditions that caused you to fall. It is helpful to have pictures showing the conditions at the time of the accident.
  • Get the Name and Contact Information for the Owner – If you fall in a commercial store, the owner of the property may be different from the owner of the store. Ask for the name and contact information for the property owner as well as the storeowner.
  • Eyewitness Information – Eyewitness testimony can be very useful in a slip and fall claim. Get the names and contact information for any eyewitnesses to the accident.
  • Preserve Evidence – Keep the clothing and shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident for your attorney. The attorney may need these items as evidence for your claim.
  • Document Your Injuries – Photograph your injuries and begin writing each day in a journal. Note the level of pain you experience, the restrictions on daily activity, and the emotional stress you experience as you recover. Keep details about how the accident and your injuries have affected your life and your family’s lives.

Slip and fall cases in Colorado can be complex and difficult to litigate. An experienced personal injury attorney who understands Colorado slip and fall laws is the best person to help you with your claim. Contact our office as soon as possible after your accident so that we can help you by providing legal support as you focus on your health.

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