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Consumer Law Experts Fighting for You

Navigating a complicated consumer law case by yourself can be overwhelming and stressful. How do you know whether you’re making the best decisions for yourself and your family? Consulting with expert consumer rights attorneys boosts your chances of a favorable outcome.

The team of experienced attorneys at Ramos Law utilizes the power of consumer protection law to aid our clients in all matters related to credit, fraud, employment, and identity theft. We deeply understand the legal tactics leveraged by mortgage lenders, insurance, and debt collection companies, and we utilize that expertise to win cases. 

When holding large companies accountable for their actions, you need the proven track record of professional consumer rights attorneys. Contact Ramos Law now for a complimentary case evaluation.

How Our Consumer Rights Attorneys Can Help

The consumer rights attorneys of Ramos Law understand the intricacies and nuances of consumer protection and will use that knowledge to fight for you in cases involving: 


When an accident occurs, or an insured asset suddenly devalues, you want your insurance claim to be accepted, approved, and settled quickly. But what happens when your legitimate, one-time insurance claim is unjustly denied? If you believe you’re a wrongful insurance claim denial victim, don’t wait – contact a consumer rights lawyer from Ramos Law immediately.

Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance companies have an expressed duty to act in good faith when insuring their customers. In fact, every insurance contract established in the United States automatically enforces an “implied covenant” to protect the consumer. If your insurance company acts in bad faith by creating unnecessary delays, refusing to provide an appropriate settlement, or misinterpreting details in your policy, you must hold them responsible. Ramos Law will identify the loopholes in your insurance company’s reasoning and utilize consumer protection laws to get the compensation you’re owed.

Bad Credit Reporting

Your credit score influences your ability to purchase large assets, such as a car or a new home. It should be a fair, accurate, and honest representation of your credit history. If a credit card company, bank, or other financial institution submits incorrect information about you to credit reporting agencies, correcting their mistakes is vital. But how do you navigate the complex legal landscape? The consumer rights attorneys of Ramos Law are here to help. 

Mixed File Cases

Mistakes can and often happen when the three major credit reporting bureaus in the United States calculate credit scores. When another person’s Social Security number or other information is similar to yours, their credit history can sometimes become your credit history – which can be problematic when they have late payments or bankruptcies. Any time a credit bureau makes a mistake resulting in a “mixed file,” it’s up to the consumer to correct it – and our consumer rights advocacy firm can help.

False Background Check

In some cases, the criminal histories of others with similar identifying information can cross into your background check. One false background check can ruin your chances of employment, leaving you powerless, defeated, and confused. The attorneys for consumer rights at Ramos Law can dispute wrong criminal records and convince federal and state authorities of their mistakes.

Why Choose Ramos Law?

Dr. Joseph Ramos built our law firm with one goal: to take good care of good people like you and your family. We have a proven reputation for honesty, hard work, and fairness.

Whether you face false credit reporting or identity theft, the consumer rights attorneys of Ramos Law are your first line of legal defense. It’s one thing to know the laws protecting consumers – but understanding how the law is specific to your situation is a game changer. We handle all cases related to consumer law and treat our clients with respect.

Our focus is to help you win your case and return to life. We take the time to understand your situation and keep you up-to-date throughout the process, so you’re never left wondering about the status of your case. Every case is important to us because we know it’s important to you.

Call us today or complete our complimentary case evaluation form. Our consumer rights attorneys look forward to assisting you.

Consumer Law Frequently Asked Questions

You can dispute mixed file errors with the credit reporting agency and, if necessary, seek legal assistance to ensure your credit report is correct. If you cannot resolve the issue with the credit reporting agency, you can seek assistance from a consumer law attorney.

Evidence of bad faith can include a lack of investigation, unreasonable delays, or denial of valid claims. Consult an attorney to help you gather and present evidence.

If a credit reporting agency fails to correct errors after a dispute, you may have a legal claim against them, and you could be entitled to damages. Consult a consumer rights attorney to discuss your options.

You can request a copy of your background check from potential employers and dispute any inaccuracies. You may also file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if you believe you have been discriminated against based on inaccurate information in your background check. Seeking legal assistance can protect your rights and ensure fair employment practices.

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