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According to the American Burn Association, burn injuries are common causes of morbidity and mortality. In the U.S. alone, more than 480,000 people receive emergency room care for burns each year, and at least 40,000 of these burn victims were admitted to the hospital for major burns.[1]

Some of the most common burn injuries are suffered as a result of:


Types of Burn Injuries & Their Treatments

Burns are excruciatingly painful and the treatment for major burns are also painful and may require long-term care. Burn severity is broken down as:

First Degree

Burns that damage only the top layer of skin, and which usually heal with little medical care.

Second Degree

Burns that damage the top few layers of skin. Second degree burns are painful and most require at least over the counter treatment and take several weeks to heal. Second degree deep burns can require skin grafts to repair the damaged skin.

Third Degree

Burns that damage all the layers of skin and can even affect internal organs and tissues. Third degree burns are the most severe and will require long-term medical care. Third degree burns can result in permanent damage and even amputation.

Fourth Degree

Burns reach below subcutaneous skin to reach the bone and muscle. These major burns require long-term medical care as well as medications, and even surgeries and skin grafts, though it is not unusual for the victim to lose function of the burned areas.

Colorado Burn Injury Attorneys

The Ramos team is here to help you with many years of experience in serious burn injury cases. We have skilled burn injury attorneys ready to fight for you. Equally important, we have Dr. Joseph Ramos, an emergency medicine physician who is also an attorney. Dr. Ramos has many years of experience guiding the treatment of those who have suffered severe or major burn injuries.

If you or your loved one have been seriously burned due to a defective product or due to the negligence or recklessness of others, contact our burn injury attorneys in Colorado as soon as possible. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent person or entity for recovery of economic damages. We are here to help.

Common causes of severe burn injuries:

  • Electrical shock
  • Chemical spills and exposure
  • Scalding or boiling liquids or chemicals
  • Steam
  • Fire


Burn Injuries Caused by Recklessness

When people are burned because of the actions, behaviors, or negligence of someone else, they may be entitled to seek damages for permanent or temporary disability, lost wages, medical expenses, loss of quality of life, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement.

Your experienced Colorado burn injury attorneys at Ramos Law can help you determine if you are eligible to recover damages and will ensure you receive the most compensation possible for your injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions
About CO Burn Injury Laws

After serving burn injury victims in Denver and around Colorado for so many years, the Ramos Injury Firm has received many questions about burn injuries and Colorado burn injury laws. To help you understand the law and the circumstances where financial recovery may be an option, we have included below some of the most commonly asked questions.

I was burned when my car caught fire after being hit by a drunk driver. Can I file a burn injury lawsuit in Colorado?

There may be several parties at fault in this case, not just the drunk driver. There are fire safety features that should prevent you from being burned in a collision. You should speak with a Ramos Injury attorney as soon as possible so that we can begin investigating your case and identifying the potential at-fault parties.

I was badly burned in an accident and need plastic surgery to repair my face. My insurance won’t cover the plastic surgery. Can I get help with my medical expenses so I can get the surgery?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, if you were burned because of a defective product or because of someone else’s negligent than you may be able to file a claim to recover damages for your injuries and medical expenses as well as lost wages.

My wife was badly burned by a kitchen appliance. Is there something you can do to help?

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. While it depends on the circumstances surrounding the burn, if the kitchen appliance was defective or faulty, then your wife may be eligible to recover damages and receive compensation for her injuries.

I received a major burn at work because someone had set the machine settings too high. Is compensation for my injuries available to me?Section

Speak with an experienced employee burn injury attorney right away. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your burn injury, there should be protections at work that would prevent accidental burns to employees. You may be eligible for financial compensation for your medical care, treatments, therapies, pain and suffering, lost wages, and even loss of qualify of life.

I’ve heard that people really have been severely burned by coffee from fast food restaurants. Is this true?

One of the most famous cases was a woman who picked up coffee from a fast food restaurant and was severely burned when she accidently spilled the coffee in her lap. The 79-year-old woman had third degree burns on her thighs, buttocks, and groin areas. She was in the hospital for eight days, had to receive skin grafting, and was partially disabled for two years following the incident. She originally sued for $20,000 to pay for her then-current and future medical bills. A jury awarded her $2.86 million for her injuries.[1]

Have You Been Injured
in a Burn Accident?

The Colorado severe burn attorneys at The Ramos Law Firm have been fighting for the rights of victims of serious and major burns for nearly a quarter century and they stand ready to fight for you. Emergency medical physician and attorney Joseph Ramos and the burn injury team at the Ramos Injury Firm have the skills and experience to guide you through complex legal and medical processes

If you have been burned by a defective product or due to the negligence of others in Denver, or elsewhere in Colorado, call (303) 733-6365 to speak to one of our accident lawyers today for a complimentary case evaluation.

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