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Client Testimonials

Ramos Law Firm is honored when clients take the time to say thank you. Our team works hard to get to know you as more than just a case number, and is proud to serve the Colorado community. We would like to express our appreciation by including some client testimonials here.​

Dear Joe,

We’re so very grateful that you have been gifted by God (and have worked your butt off to use that gift) so that folks like us can feel comfortable and protected when it comes to all these complicated legal issues.

We’ll never be able to thank you enough!

Our love,

Stu & Sheryl

Thank You Letter-Joseph Ramos of Ramos Law
Thank You Letter-Joseph Ramos of Ramos Law

To The Staff,

I want to Thank everyone who, in whatever shape or form, handled my case.

Enjoy these snacks as my way of saying I am grateful to you!

You guys are the Best!


Dr Ramos,

I would like to say I am so grateful to the Ramos Injury Firm for your support and respect. My experience with your staff was above amazing! Never stop being the caring firm you are – it sets you apart!

Please enjoy this wine with your wife as a symbol of our gratitude! 


Thank You Letter-Joseph Ramos of Ramos Law

To Kari,

You have stood by my side through the darkest times of my life. Thank you for showing me the light. Thank you for always standing up for what is right. Most importantly, thank you for being the badass that you are! You will always have a special place in my heart.


Dear Ian, Chad, and Ramos Law Family,

I can’t express in words how touched and grateful I am for the lovely flowers you sent! You all are such a class act and clearly understand how much Brookie meant to me. After having him in my life for 15 1/2 years and going through the accident with him, I was completely devastated to lose him.

The herculean efforts your firm took in our case will always be remembered and appreciated. Thank you all again for your kindness and empathy. 


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My daughters and I were in a car accident, and getting help from the Ramos Injury Firm was the best decision I could have made. After the accident, I felt vulnerable, exhausted, and overwhelmed because of the constant pain from my injuries, and emotional toll it takes when your children are injured too. The Ramos Injury Firm helped me stand up to the insurance company, took very good care of us, and understood what we needed…having a lawyer with medical expertise is definitely a good thing! Everyone who works there is kind, professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. I felt very lucky to have found them when I needed help. If you or someone you love has been injured, the best thing you can do is call the Ramos Injury Firm. You won’t regret it!
Greta C.
Englewood, CO
I was in a car accident that totaled my vehicle and really damaged my right shoulder. I went to The Ramos Injury Law Firm and spoke with Mr. Brian Calandra. I felt that he really cared about me and ensuring that I got better! I was referred to excellent physical therapists and doctors that were able to help me get better! Mr. Calandra followed-up with me every step of the way and would simply call to see how I was doing. His main focus every time we spoke was on ensuring I was better! I am grateful that I went to The Ramos Injury Law Firm. I have nothing but great things to say.
Joshua N.
Aurora, CO
Dr. Ramos, This letter is to express to you my gratitude to the Ramos Law firm and particularly to Ms. Meghan Stephenson for the diligent and excellent work on getting a successful result to my insurance settlement claim following a motor vehicle accident in 2018. I was referred to your law firm by my chiropractor, Dr. Robert Jackson. My husband and I met with Ms. Stephenson in September of 2019 and received our settlement in April 2020. We are most happy with the settlement. I want to express to you our satisfaction with the first-class work done on our case by Ms. Meghan Stephenson. From day 1, Meghan was enthusiastic about pursuing my case, citing that "she likes to work on eggshell cases." (I guess I'm the egg.) I had expected this process to be quite stressful, due to my arthritic preexisting conditions. Meghan's strong work ethic, resourcefulness, and promptness, made this claim almost a pain-free experience. We both appreciate her many efforts in pursuing our claim, as well as her confident and knowledgeable responses to our many questions. You are very fortunate to have such a consummate professional on your staff. In the future, if/when we are again in need of legal consultation, we shall certainly select Ramos Law, as well as Ms. Stephenson to work on our case. It's great to know we can rely on legal assistance we can trust.
Jan R.
Lakewood, CO
The Ramos Injury Firm has been amazing by helping me get through this tough time. They set me up with an amazing physical therapy team where I get chiropractic care along with massages. I was having major pain to my neck area, & muscle spasms on my ribs. If it wasn’t for them I’m not sure how I would’ve been able to get the help I needed. I highly recommend this firm they have worked with some close family members of mine & did an outstanding job taking care of them! Thanks again Brian Calandra! Your team is extraordinary!
Sheree R.
Parker, CO
I am a current client of The Ramos Injury Law Firm. I was injured in 2 different car accidents within a one year period. This law firm has been incredibly professional and also very kind and concerned for my well being. Brian, my attorney, and Pam, his paralegal, have stayed in constant contact with me. They have kept me up to speed on my cases and checked in on me throughout my recovery process. I highly recommend this firm, they are outstanding. It was an unfortunate situation to be injured but an amazing one to have such incredible representation. I am feeling so blessed to have been referred to this firm. Thank you.
Audra B.
La Salle, CO
Absolutely amazing people that work in this law firm! Contacted them in regards to an accident that my husband and two small children were involved in. Their office manager, Maricel, spoke with me for a good hour and scheduled a phone interview with the attorney the same day. After hearing all of the facts of the accident, the attorney (Brian) who both my husband and I spoke with said that he would not want to take 40% of anything we were entitled to and that there is no reason we could not handle the case on our own. Although our case is very small in nature, I know there are many attorneys out there that still would have happily represented us, leaving us with little to nothing in a settlement. These people really care and really listen!!!
Carbondale, CO
The Ramos Injury Law Firm has been an amazing support in our lives when helping us deal with the stress and drama of the aftermath of our car accident! Little did we know that after someone ran a red light and slammed into out vehicle that we would be in a nearly two year battle with insurance companies. My husband and I tried to work the case on our own; however, when my stress became more than I could handle our chiropractor suggested Dr. Ramos and his law firm. Upon meeting Dr. Ramos I knew that I was in really caring hands. He took his time talking to me about my injuries both physical and emotional. After the firm took our case they put the very reputable and brilliant lawyer, Dale Pugh on our case. He was both caring and genuine and at the same time he was honest and a no-nonsense business man. He had such credentials and was a specialist in winning cases that go to court which made me feel more comfortable in case the insurance companies took it that far. He took his time working our case without rushing into anything. The first offer was ridiculous, as they often are, and Mr. Pugh gave us the freedom to make a choice about fighting for what it was worth. He immediately advised us what our options were but also made us feel more than comfortable about his capability to take on a fight. We did fight, with him leading the helm, and we got everything we deserved, and them some! The Ramos law firm even set me up with specialized care I needed before my settlement arrived through a medical lien. They told me I shouldn’t have to wait to feel better and start healing. They kept in close contact with me through wonderful paralegals like Meghan and Stephanie to make sure things were progressing well with my healing. The last time we met with Dale to finalize our case was bitter-sweet. It was good to be done with something that became so pervasive in our lives but it also felt like saying goodbye to an old friend! I pray we never get in another accident but if we do we will call The Ramos Injury Firm straight away, and request our legal warrior Mr. Dale Pugh!
Evans, CO
After being offended by so many derogatory attorneys advertising on TV, I was hesitant to hire someone when I was in an accident and the insurance company sent letters to my physicians telling them it was a low-impact incident and they should not expect to be paid. I was impressed by the sincerity of Joe Ramos on television and one of my physicians recommended that I talk with him because, being a doctor, he understood more about injuries. I did this and worked with Brian Calandra and Meghan Stephenson at the Ramos Injury Firm. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who has had injuries and problems with receiving compensation. They were considerate, caring and aggressive in making sure I was taken care of properly. Nothing is easy when you are dealing with serious pain; however, having someone who is passionate about doing the right thing and who actually gets things accomplished took a very big load off of me. I appreciate their diligence and am very glad that I chose them to take care of my case.
Diane E.
Aurora, CO
I was in a car accident and signed up with Brian Calandra. He is doing a fabulous job handling my case and allowing me to focus on getting better physically. He also keeps me while informed which helps keep my stress reduced. He and his team have always responded to my phone calls and emails promptly. He keeps reminding me that I’m the victim and have done nothing wrong, even though I sometimes feel that way. He and his team’s treatment of me and handling my case have been excellent and I would refer any good case to him. Thank you attorney Calandra and team!
Kate D.
Aurora, CO