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Welcome to Ramos Law's Medical Sciences Division. Here, law and medicine come together in a focused union. Our dedicated team harnesses expertise from both realms, positioning us as a distinct choice for those navigating the crossroads of legal and medical challenges.

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Donald Cooper Ph.D. 1.,2. -Director Medical Sciences Division, Ramos Law, Northglenn, CO 80260; 2. Chief Science Officer, Neuroganics, Northglenn, CO 80260 email: DrDon@neuroganicslabs.com
Donald Cooper Ph.D. 1.,2. -Director Medical Sciences Division, Ramos Law, Northglenn, CO 80260; 2. Chief Science Officer, Neuroganics, Northglenn, CO 80260 email: DrDon@neuroganicslabs.com

What Distinguishes the Ramos Law Medical Sciences Division?

At the heart of the Ramos Law Medical Sciences Division is a fusion of legal brilliance and unparalleled medical acumen. This unique combination is elevated by the wealth of expertise our team brings, notably from leaders like Dr. Ramos, whose highly competent and compassionate approach in emergency medicine stands as a testament to our firm’s ethos, and Dr. Cooper, who offers cutting-edge insights from the realms of genomics and neuroscience. Our approach transcends traditional legal avenues, diving deep into the intricacies of medical science to offer a comprehensive defense and advocacy for our clients. Where other firms might see complexity, we see clarity. Our mastery in both medical science and law makes us the premier choice for those seeking justice in cases where these two disciplines converge.

Bridging Medicine and Law

At Ramos Law, we understand that the intricate mesh of medicine and law demands an expertise unparalleled in traditional legal practice. Here are the specialized arenas where our unique approach shines:
Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) in Personal Injury Cases: Understanding the spectrum of TBIs, from mild concussions to profound brain damage, is essential for evaluating long-term implications. Our expertise ensures that the severity and potential future impacts of these injuries are clearly presented and understood in legal proceedings.
Toxic Torts and Vaccine Injuries: We not only recognize the adverse reactions resulting from toxic exposures or vaccines but also delve deep into the science behind them. This means looking beyond the surface to understand the biological and neurological underpinnings of each injury, lending credence to every claim.
Product Liability: In an era where products evolve rapidly, potential neurological harm from medications, devices, or consumer items is ever-present. We scrutinize the nexus between product and injury, backed by rigorous scientific and medical evaluation.
Aviation Law and Pilot Advocacy: Defending pilots under FAA investigations demands an understanding of both aviation regulations and medical assessments. Our expertise ensures pilots get a defense that considers the nuances of both aviation and medicine.

Who Should Contact Us?

Individuals Seeking Comprehensive Representation: If medical insight is vital to your legal challenge, whether it’s an injury or malpractice, Ramos Law’s combined legal and medical expertise provides an unmatched advantage. We enhance case evaluations, bolster arguments, and strive for optimal outcomes.
Law Firms Seeking Expert Insight: Benefit from our specialized medical perspective to navigate complex cases. A partnership with us can spotlight crucial details, fortifying your case for a stronger outcome.
Seeking Second Opinions or Clarity: If other firms have left you puzzled or rejected your case, turn to our medically-informed viewpoint. We offer insights that might unveil overlooked opportunities.