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Consumer Law Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights

If you’re finding it challenging to deal with a complex consumer law case, you might be unsure about what decisions are in the best interest of you and your family. But you can lessen your stress levels and improve your chances of a favorable outcome by seeking advice from experienced consumer law attorneys in Centennial, CO.

Ramos Law is a renowned consumer law firm that helps clients with employment, credit, fraud, and identity theft issues. We deeply understand the legal tactics used by mortgage lenders, debt collectors, and insurance companies and use that knowledge to succeed in cases.

It’s essential to have a skilled consumer protection lawyer with a track record of success when holding big companies accountable. Contact Ramos Law for a free consultation.

How Our Consumer Law Attorneys in Centennial, CO, Can Help

Ramos Law’s consumer law attorneys in Centennial, CO, thoroughly understand consumer protection nuances. We will leverage our knowledge to represent you in the following cases:

Insurance Claims

You’ve purchased insurance to secure your valuable assets during emergencies. Believing that you’ll receive compensation when you submit a claim is logical. However, if your insurance company unfairly denied your legitimate claim, our consumer law attorneys in Centennial, CO, can assist you.

Bad Faith Insurance

Every insurance contract established in the United States automatically enforces an “implied covenant” to protect consumers, meaning insurance companies must act in good faith while providing coverage.

Taking action is essential if your insurance company fails to fulfill its obligations by:

  • Causing unjustified delays,
  • Distorting information in your policy, or
  • Denying a fair settlement. 

Our bad faith insurance attorneys at Ramos Law can discover the flaws in their arguments and leverage consumer protection laws to your benefit, recovering the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Bad Credit Reporting

Your credit score impacts your ability to purchase significant assets. It needs to be honest and fair and represent your history accurately. If a financial institution submits incorrect information about you, correcting their mistakes is vital. Our credit report lawyers can assist in navigating the complicated legal process.

Identity Fraud / Theft

It’s frustrating when someone steals your identity to take out loans, apply for credit, or acquire government documents. These identity thieves use and sell your personal information on black markets and the dark web.

The process of recovering your identity can be intensive. However, the consumer rights attorneys at Ramos Law in Centennial, CO, can assist you in reclaiming the power necessary to restore your credit status to its previous condition.

Mixed File Cases

Credit scores calculated by the three major United States credit bureaus often contain errors. They might attribute another person’s credit history to you if their Social Security number or personally identifiable information is similar to yours. It could lead to problems if that person has late payments or bankruptcies on their record.

If a credit bureau’s mistake causes a “mixed file,” the consumer has to fix it themselves. Ramos Law’s credit score lawyers can support you and provide legal guidance.

False Background Check

Your background check may include criminal histories of individuals with similar information, which can lead to confusion and stress. Even one false background screening can ruin your job prospects. However, our consumer law attorneys in Centennial can assist you in disputing incorrect criminal records and persuading federal and state authorities to correct their mistakes.

Unlawful Property Repossession 

Ramos Law’s experienced attorneys can help you fight an unjust property repossession, even in a difficult financial situation. If your lender doesn’t follow the requirements for a lawful repossession, you may have grounds for legal action. It’s vital to seek legal advice and defend yourself.

Why Ramos Law?

Dr. Joseph Ramos established our firm to provide excellent service to people like you and your family. Our team has a history of being diligent, genuine, and just.

Our consumer law attorneys in Centennial, CO, will protect you, whether from identity theft, false credit reporting, or other issues. We have a thorough understanding of consumer protection laws and how they apply to your specific situation. We handle all aspects of consumer protection and always treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

Consult with Our Consumer Law Attorneys in Centennial, CO

Our goal is to assist you in winning your case and helping you return to your life. Our team strives to understand your circumstances and keep you informed, so you are never left in doubt. Every case we handle is significant since we know its importance to you.

Call us today or fill out our complimentary case evaluation form. Our consumer law attorneys in Centennial, CO, look forward to assisting you.

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