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Experienced Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

All insurance companies have to act in good faith when insuring their customers. Virtually all insurance contracts established in the United States automatically contain an “implied covenant” that protects the consumer. That’s why it’s so important to hold them accountable for their wrongful actions, and experienced bad faith insurance attorneys strive to do precisely that.

At Ramos Law, we fight for the consumer rights of every insured client. We understand how upsetting and frustrating it is to be on the receiving end of bad faith insurance practices, so we are passionate about representing victims like you. If you believe you were treated unjustly by your insurance company – whom you entrusted with your money and confidence – don’t hesitate to contact our bad faith insurance attorneys today.

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Whenever an insurance company acts outside its duty to be fair to its insureds, it operates in bad faith. You pay premiums in exchange for protection – when the insurance company goes beyond its duty of good faith, you have legal options. 

Examples of bad faith insurance practices include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Refusing to provide an appropriate settlement, threatening, or making unreasonable demands. Although your insurance company is supposed to prioritize your best interests as their customer, that isn’t always the case. Often, companies who mistreat their insureds have gotten away with it in the past – but the bad faith insurance attorneys of Ramos Law won’t let them do it again.
  • Creating unnecessary delays while processing a claim. The process should be fast and efficient when you file a claim with the insurance company. If you feel the company is deliberately stringing you along during the claims process, you could be a victim of bad faith practices. Our lawyers can help.
  • Misinterpreting the information outlined in your policy. Insurance companies frequently misconstrue the details of contracts to preserve their bottom line. If they can save money by altering definitions, they won’t hesitate to do so. Ramos Law’s bad faith insurance lawyers can dive deeply into your contract and point out their tactics. 

Do You Have a Case?

Insurance policies can be complex, with significant amounts of fine print. Whether auto, home, or life insurance, unfortunately, agents and their organizations often prioritize profits over people. Although only an experienced insurance dispute attorney can provide counsel, the following situations may help you determine whether you have a case:

Auto Insurance Property Damage

Ramos Law’s insurance dispute lawyers recognize that in certain situations, insurance companies may deny automobile accident claims or settle them for significantly less than their actual value. When a car accident occurs, and the company denies the claim, it can impose a substantial financial burden on the policyholder.

It’s crucial to fully understand the coverage provided by your policy and seek the guidance of a bad faith insurance lawyer who can effectively dispute the actions taken by the insurance company. Our dedicated team will provide the necessary assistance and support.

If your auto insurance claim was denied or the company offered an unreasonably low settlement, we are here to help. Complete our complimentary case evaluation form today. We will help determine whether you have a valid claim dispute against your insurer.

Life Insurance Coverage

Individuals frequently invest in life insurance policies to safeguard their families in the unfortunate event of unexpected death caused by natural or accidental circumstances. However, some insurance companies, driven by profit, focus on their financial gains over the well-being of their customers. They may resort to interpreting and manipulating the language in policies to downplay or reject legitimate claims for life and accident insurance.

In many cases, the insurance company will look back to the application to determine whether the insured provided any false information regarding their medical history, even though many people are unaware of the health conditions the companies ask about.

In addition, the insurance company often poses vague questions to the insured during the policy application process that they may not fully understand the intended meaning. However, once a life insurance policy has been in effect for two years, the insurance company generally cannot dispute the information provided by the insured during the application process.

Our bad faith insurance claim lawyers excel in managing dispute cases. They possess the necessary skills to counter the tactics employed by insurance companies, ensuring that valid life and disability insurance claims are duly honored. If you are the designated beneficiary of a life insurance policy, we can thoroughly review your policy and advocate for fair compensation. We’ll ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

The Ramos Law Difference

Our team of attorneys and legal experts know the unjust strategies insurance companies try to leverage against their insureds. We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your situation, insurance policy, and claim and use that knowledge to fight for your rights as a consumer.

Several laws protect consumers from bad faith insurance practices, and we won’t hesitate to utilize them against wrongful companies. Although they may try to refuse settlement, create unnecessary delays in claim processing, or misinterpret crucial policy details, you can rest assured that with Ramos Law on your side, they won’t get away with it.

We’ll use the full force of consumer protection laws to ensure you receive complete and fair compensation. Our bad faith insurance attorneys know how to make companies cooperate and act reasonably toward their insureds.

Receive Counsel from Our Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

Physician and attorney Dr. Joseph Ramos and the Ramos Law Firm’s consumer rights attorneys put our client’s best interests first. We handle all consumer law cases and will fight aggressively for a favorable outcome. Whatever your situation and scope, you can count on Ramos Law for fairness and honesty.

Choosing our bad faith insurance attorneys means you’ll receive a team of legal experts dedicated to building a solid case on your behalf. You don’t have to navigate the complex legal sphere alone – call Ramos Law or complete our complimentary consultation form today.

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