Contingent Fee Agreement with Ramos Law

At Ramos Law, we understand that when you work with an attorney, you need to trust that the lawyer has your best interests at heart. That’s why we have a simple fee structure: 

We don’t get paid until you do. 

We only receive a percentage of what you recover. Plus, if we can’t help you, there’s no attorney’s fee at all. 

Our commitment to fairness also extends to other costs and expenses related to the case. These costs are yours regardless of the outcome of the case. At Ramos Law, we want you to be informed about any potential costs so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed with your case. Our Contingent Fee Agreement and Disclosure Statement provide detailed information on how our fees are calculated and how they apply in different cases—so that nothing is left up to chance or guesswork. 

We take great pride in providing excellent legal services at reasonable rates. Our goal is not only to help clients achieve positive outcomes but also to enable them to do so in a way that makes personal and financial sense to them. We strive for transparency and clarity on every front—from our fees and payment plans down to our customer service—so that clients always know exactly where they stand throughout their cases. 

At Ramos Law, we are dedicated advocates for those who have been wronged by someone else’s negligence or misconduct—and for those who are seeking justice against formidable adversaries such as insurance companies or large corporations. With decades of collective experience litigating all kinds of civil lawsuits, our team has earned a reputation for being tenacious advocates who aggressively fight for their clients’ rights and interests in courtrooms across the country. 

Please be advised that Ramos Law may utilize alternative fee structures, including hourly billing, retainers and/or flat fees. These alternative fee arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon in a separate written agreement before legal services are provided.

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You will find at any of the Ramos law locations in Colorado and Arizona that you can trust us to resolve your legal issues, and you won’t pay us anything unless we win your case. Our fees will only come out of whatever award you receive from the court or settlement negotiations with opponents. That’s just one way in which we strive to ensure fairness throughout each stage of our clients’ cases—and it’s why so many people put their trust in us when it matters most.