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It is an unfortunate reality that accidents of various kinds happen every day, and those affected by negligent or careless actions deserve to be fairly compensated for any injuries, damages, or losses they sustain as a direct result of the accident. Personal injury cases can be very complicated, especially when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, so it is important that accident victims contact a personal injury law firm in Colorado and Arizona with experience, skill, and dedication to represent their best interests in and out of court.

At Ramos Law, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers are committed to making sure you get the best possible representation. We will fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Do not let the insurance companies intimidate you or try to get you to settle your accident claim for far less than it is worth. Dr. Joseph Ramos is an attorney and also a board-certified Emergency Department medical doctor. He and his legal team understand your injuries, what you are going through, as well as the laws that the insurance companies are bound to when taking care of you, both physically and financially. Our team of personal injury attorneys works to tackle the problems created by insurance companies and other groups so you can focus on healing and recovering.

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Why Is It Important to Hire a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney?

Although an attorney is not required in a personal injury claim, it is certainly in your best interest to hire a knowledgeable Phoenix, Arizona personal injury lawyer to do the heavy lifting after you have been involved in an accident. While you recover from your injuries, your personal injury attorney will get information about the accident, collect evidence, develop an exceptional legal strategy, and fight for your rights as a victim.

Being involved in an accident and sustaining injuries or losses from that event means that you will likely have many different people and companies contacting you. You may also have to contend with bills piling up and the inability to work as normal. All of these things can lead to stress which prevents you from focusing on your recovery. When you have a Phoenix personal injury attorney with decades of experience, you can rely on them to handle these stresses for you. Insurance companies will likely begin calling you to try to settle your case out of court for far less than your injuries (and medical bills) are worth. A skilled personal injury attorney will not allow you to settle for less than you deserve.

The personal injury lawyers at Ramos Law can gather evidence to support your claim and demonstrate why you should receive the maximum compensation for all injuries, damages, and losses. In addition to medical bills and any subsequent medical needs (physical therapy, rehabilitation, medical devices), our law firm will also take into account lost wages, pain and suffering, damage to vehicles, and other damages or losses throughout the course of the case.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Victims of accidents caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness deserve to be compensated for their injuries, losses, and damages. However, the justice system does not automatically provide this kind of compensation, so it is the responsibility of the injured party to fight for that compensation. It can be a difficult, uphill battle for the victims, so it is important to work with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

From the first free consultation through the end of the case, a personal injury attorney will work tirelessly to ensure that the injured party and their best interests are constantly the focus of the claim. Working through a personal injury case requires a good deal of effort and time because many things need to be considered. Investigating the case, gathering evidence from the scene, obtaining reports from the police and medical professionals, and developing a solid strategy are not activities that the victim of the accident will be able to do easily, especially when they are dealing with their injuries after the accident.

When it comes to personal injury, attorneys can more easily demonstrate why your case should be fairly compensated than an individual without a thorough legal education. Insurance adjusters may be able to intimidate victims into signing an unfair deal, but the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Ramos Law can work to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Practice Areas

There are many different circumstances in which an individual may be injured as a result of the carelessness or negligence of another party. Personal injury attorneys specialize in a variety of practice areas so that they can represent clients and fight for their best interests. At Ramos Law, our Phoenix personal injury attorneys represent clients in two categories of this legal field: personal injury and motor vehicle accidents.

Personal Injury in Phoenix

Personal injury is a broad, wide-ranging legal field that refers to circumstances in which an individual is hurt or sustains damages and losses because of another individual or group’s negligence. Joseph Ramos and the team at Ramos Law focus on the following types of personal injury claims:

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Phoenix

Traveling on the road is a necessity for almost everyone, no matter where you live or work. Traffic accidents are common occurrences, and when the accident is severe and causes injuries, the victims can benefit from legal representation to handle the claim. Our personal injury lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience handling claims for the following types of motor vehicle accidents:

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The consequences of being involved in a personal injury case can be catastrophic and long-lasting. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and sustained serious injuries or losses in Phoenix, Arizona, call Ramos Law now at (602) 900-9402 or contact our lawyers for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

With Dr. Joseph Ramos’ experience as a personal injury lawyer as well as having treated thousands of patients as a former ER doctor, he has the unique ability to understand your claim from two important perspectives. We truly believe there is no one better to represent you in your Phoenix personal injury claim, help you protect your rights as a victim, and fight for you.