Slip and Fall Attorney for Retail Store Injuries

July 31, 2017

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Important Information About Retail Store Injuries

If you are shopping at a retail store and experience an injury, a slip and fall attorney might be someone you should call to get guidance. Learning more about the possible injuries that could occur will help you to determine if considering legal recourse is a viable option for you.

Exploring the Types of Injuries

Several potential injuries could happen in a retail store. These could include:

  • Body and head injuries due to retail displays, falling objects and out-of-reach objects
  • Overcrowding injuries due to too many people in a store that might result in injuries like being knocked down and trampled
  • Slip and fall injuries due to poor lighting, wet floors, escalator malfunction or torn carpeting
  • Shopping carts injuries due to carts not being properly secured. Another factor is a structural problem with the cart causing it to fall over
  • Parking lot injuries due to the store not properly removing ice and snow, or cracks and imperfections in the asphalt

What Might Make a Store Liable

Negligence laws are the general foundation for which someone might have a claim against a retail store. For example, a spill occurs in the store and the store does not clean it up fast enough. If someone falls due to this, the store might be liable. Another example is improper stocking of a shelf resulting in an item falling off and hitting a shopper. If negligence on the part of the store is what results in someone experiencing an injury inside the store or in the parking lot, the store might be liable for any injuries a shopper experiences as a result.

Reaching Out to a Slip and Fall Attorney

You can see that some of the injuries that could happen in a retail store can be severe. You might have to spend time out of work as a result of your injuries. Some might also require ongoing medical care. If you believe that the store might be liable for your injuries, you might think about contacting a slip and fall attorney to determine if you have possible legal recourse against the store.