Oracle Faces Employment Lawsuit

By February 28, 2017 September 18th, 2018 Employment Law
oracle faces employment lawsuit

Employment lawsuits make huge impacts on the enhancement of diversity in our society. There have been many landmark cases where workers fought to counter workplace discrimination but in the ever-changing world of employment, there are new standards uphold. By law, all federal contractors are expected to comply with the Labor Department legislation to ensure workers rights are maintained.

Major multi-national employers in Silicon Valley, California have been the focus of large-scale investigations into hiring policies and practices. Software giant Oracle is under scrutiny for employment records as they currently face a major lawsuit. The accusations against Oracle are twofold. Firstly, they are being sued by the Labor Department for allegedly paying white male workers more than their female counterparts. The multi-million dollar lawsuit also claims Oracle favors hiring Asian workers to fulfill technical roles, leading to the discrimination against female applicants as well as non-Asian candidates. The case implicates that Asian workers are being hired for specific roles and receive inadequate payment. In 2014, the investigation gained momentum and will hopefully have a positive impact on workplace discrimination, leading to improved hiring outcomes in the white-male-dominated tech industry.

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Oracle is facing the possible cancellation of multi-million dollar contracts should the accusations against them be proven true.The lawsuit developed during the last years of the Obama administration and some are claiming the lawsuit is politically motivated. Whatever the reason, workers rights must be affirmed. Although Oracle has made credible public statements asserting they hire candidates on merit and suitability, it is clear that the high-tech industries remain white-male dominated.

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