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How Ramos Law Is Different

When you get injured, the first person to see is a doctor…it only makes sense.  Doctors have thousands of hours of training to diagnose what’s wrong and how to fix it and only doctors understand the long term issues that can result if their patient doesn’t get the right treatment.  Doctors understand more than just the physical aspect of injury care. They also “get it” when it comes to the mental and emotional toll that injuries can inflict on every area of life from work performance and your social life to your ability to sleep and get quality rest.

Not only is Dr. Joseph Ramos a medical doctor…he’s a specialist!  He chose to specialize and became board certified in Emergency Medicine so he could treat all types of patients.  During his years as an ER doctor, Dr. Ramos saw the worst of the worst. Not only did this experience help him gain a true appreciation for the human body, he also realized just how much damage car crashes and other types of personal injuries can inflict.  These are injuries that can change a victim’s life FOREVER!  All of this experience helped prepare Dr. Ramos for when he opened a series of multi-disciplinary medical clinics that specialized in the treatment of injuries from car and workplace accidents.

With so much experience in treating traumatic injuries, and in testifying about those injuries in court on behalf of his patients, Dr. Ramos felt like he could fill a special niche to take care of people like no one else.  He decided that becoming an attorney would give clients the ultimate ability to be able to make the long road to recovery as easy as possible.  Now, as a doctor and a lawyer, you and every other Ramos Law client receives all the advantages of having a top legal team with expertise and experience in the medicine of the case as well. Dr. Ramos and his team represent you with the fierceness of an attorney but the knowledge, caring and expertise of a doctor…a specialist.

Joseph Ramos, MD, JD

Medical Doctor and Attorney

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Dr. Ramos has seen every type of injury that’s out there.  He knows the medicine and can help you understand exactly what is going on with you and your injuries and can tell you what that means for your legal case.  This thorough understanding of medicine and injuries gives him and our entire law firm a unique perspective that is different from anyone else. Dr. Ramos applies his specialized knowledge, skill and experience to every case and continually educates the principles of the “medicine” of traumatic injuries with the entire Ramos Law Team.

When undergoing medical care for injuries, especially if you are seeing several doctors and therapists who are all doing something different, it’s easy to get lost in all the medical “jargon”.  Doctors and their team members are busy and oftentimes it’s you and patients like you who can get lost in the details of what’s going on. While this is certainly not what the doctors intend, it happens more often than they would like.  Thankfully, Dr. Ramos and the entire Ramos Law team is here to explain the injuries and the medicine. We pride ourselves on having GREAT relationships with our clients and it’s common for us to be on the phone with you the day after a doctor’s visit to see how it went for you. Then, once the medical records are received, to go through them with you to be sure that you understand what the doctor found, the treatment that was done and any future recommendations that were made for you.

There are times when you may have questions that you either forgot to ask one of your providers or that you were not comfortable talking about.  If and when that happens to you, we are here to get the dialogue going between you and the person you’ve chosen to take care of you. Doctors want you to get well and they want you to be well informed throughout the process.  We can be a big part of making sure that happens because doctors know that Dr. Ramos understands the medicine of your case. This makes them very comfortable speaking with him about your injuries and your treatment.

Because we understand your injuries, we can support you better…we know what you’re going through!  With three doctors as integral parts of the firm, Ramos Law is always in the position to help you understand your injuries because WE understand them!!!  At Ramos Law, What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better!