Understanding Your Rights After a Horseback Riding Accident with Marianne Garrison of Ramos Law

June 26, 2024

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Imagine a serene day at the local stables, enjoying a leisurely horse trail ride with your family. Suddenly, disaster strikes – you fall off your horse and sustain injuries. What are your legal rights after a horseback riding accident?

In an episode of House of Law, Director of Pre-Litigation and Attorney Marianne Garrison of Ramos Law delves into horseback riding accidents and the potential for legal action. For example, say a six-year-old child is injured after their horse unexpectedly rears up. Is the stable company held liable for the injuries sustained?

The answer hinges on several factors. It depends on whether the stable company knowingly placed the child on a horse beyond their capability or if the incident was an unforeseeable accident. Every state has laws acknowledging the inherent risks of horseback riding, making each case highly fact-specific.

If the stable was grossly negligent – for example, allowing a child to ride an unpredictable horse – there may be grounds for a lawsuit. Conversely, if the stable had no reason to anticipate any danger and the horse was deemed safe, legal action may not be possible.

For anyone facing similar situations, consult a lawyer to evaluate the specifics of the case and determine potential legal options.

Tune in to House of Law Ep. 20 for more insights on navigating your rights after a horseback riding accident.