Supreme Style Barbershop and Ramos Law Provided Free Haircuts and Backpacks

September 1, 2018

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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Ramos Law director of pre-litigation Clarence Gamble takes the lead in helping Denver kids start the school year off right…

All of us remember what it was like getting ready for the first day of a new school year. The nervous energy and excitement that goes along with this time of year leaves all new students wanting to look and feel their best going into the process. For many kids, getting a new haircut and some school supplies is not a possibility due to financial constraints they and their families are under.

Ramos Law’s own Clarence Gamble understands the importance of looking and feeling good, and he also understands the physical and psychological advantage that kids can have when they start a new school year with a fresh new haircut and some new school gear. “Many years ago, I remember how exciting it was leading up to the first day of school. In my neighborhood, school clothes and the first-day-of-school haircut was a huge deal!”

To make that happen for 65 young Denver students, Clarence (CG as he’s known in the firm) teamed up with Supreme Style Barbershop and Ramos Law to provide free haircuts and backpacks an entire Saturday in August, 2018.

Throughout the day on Saturday, kids came in and received a fresh cut and a backpack for free. CG and his wife Lily provided the backpacks, Supreme Style Barbershop gave a 50% discount on the price of their cuts, and Ramos Law paid for all the kids’ haircuts that day.

To learn more about Supreme Style Barbershop and the services they offer our community, click on the link below.