Ramos Law Supports Young People Looking to Law as a Career

February 17, 2017

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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On February 2, 2017 eight attorneys from Ramos Law, including Dr. Joseph Ramos, joined hundreds of other community members at the University of Denver to support Law School…Yes We Can. After the event, Dr. Ramos said, “This is a program that’s very dear to our hearts.   Helping these young people understand what being an attorney is all about, and supporting them through the mentoring process really helps develop them personally and professionally.  I definitely believe that Law School…Yes We Can assures the best chance for these students to get into law school, and then prepares them to successfully complete what is a very rigorous program.”

Law School…Yes We Can was founded in 2014 by Judge Christine Arguello as a way to increase inclusion and diversity within the legal profession. Judge Arguello often states in public appearances that our country is founded on diversity, and the fact that as of 2016 nearly 90% of the legal profession is Caucasian demonstrates a huge opportunity for growth and for change. In order to create that change, Law School…Yes We Can accepts roughly 15 minorities or underserved students each year that are planning on going to law school. Those students are provided mentors who help them walk through the college years as well as the law school application process. Students get access to real-world attorneys and make connections they can benefit from for the rest of their lives.

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