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Pedestrian Accidents

The fact is, millions of us are walking every day for enjoyment, transportation, to visit people and places, and exercise. In 2015, traffic crashes claimed the lives of 5,376 and injured over 70,000 pedestrians in the United States. Over 5,376 traffic accidents involved one or more pedestrians which means a pedestrian was killed every 1.6 hours and injured every 7 minutes in traffic accidents.

Typical Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Colorado

Unfortunately, the majority of pedestrian accidents occur because of distracted drivers. Whether the driver is distracted by their cell phone, eating and drinking, or being distracted by their passengers, drivers make some common but deadly mistakes including:

  • Failing to yield the right of way to a pedestrian
  • Not stopping at stop signs, red lights, or pedestrian cross walks
  • Driving above the posted limit, specifically in residential, school, or recreational areas.

These pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents often lead to severe injuries that require weeks, months, and even years of rehabilitation. Some injuries commonly seen in pedestrian motor vehicle accidents include broken bones, internal injuries, brain damage, back and neck injuries, paralysis, and loss of an arm, leg, or foot.

If you were hit by a motor vehicle while walking, contact a Ramos Law pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible. If a loved one was killed by a vehicle while they were walking, your attorney can help you navigate the complex legal process so you can focus on healing.

National Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Every 8 minutes someone walking is hit and hurt by a motor vehicle. 12 more people are hit and killed every day across the United States. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, more than 4,000 pedestrians have died in traffic accidents every year since 2004.[1]

Whatever presumptions you may have about the demographics of those who are killed, the statistics may surprise you:

  • 76 percent who were killed while walking in 2015 were in urban areas
  • 72 percent of the fatal accidents did not occur at intersections
  • 74 percent of the fatal accidents happened in nighttime
  • The average age of people killed in these accident was 50-54 years old
  • 28 percent of these accidents occurred on weekend evenings between 6pm and 9pm

The NHTSA also reported that at least 66,000 more people are injured by a motor vehicle collision in 2013, down from the 78,000 in 2001.

Colorado Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Walking is a way of life for many people in Colorado. Yet, not enough is being done to ensure pedestrians are safe while they walk to and from work, church, school, and everywhere else each week. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, 78 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2012.

Though the number of pedestrian fatalities dropped in 2013 to 52; 2014 brought a resurgence, with initial figures showing at least 65 people were killed walking in Colorado.[2]

Colorado Pedestrian Accidents Frequently Asked Questions

The Ramos Law Firm is often asked questions about pedestrian accidents and the laws that are designed to prevent them. Here, we have collected a few of the most common questions regarding accidents involving motor vehicles and the law.

If you are unable to return to work after being in a pedestrian accident, your attorney will help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. You need receive compensation for the time you lost at work and for the loss of future earnings. You may also be able to seek damages for your pain and suffering and loss of quality of life.

Speak to your attorney before you sign any papers or accept any type of settlement from your accident.

The law requires that you exercise reasonable car when walking, which includes walking in designated areas. However, this does not mean that the driver who hit you has no fault. Speak with your attorney as soon as possible so they can begin investigating the circumstances of the accident and help you determine if you should move forward with your case.

Colorado law specifically states that when traffic signals are not working, motorists must yield the right of way to pedestrians and slow or stop their vehicles for the pedestrian’s safety. Speak to your attorney about the specifics of your case, because your wife may be eligible for compensation for her injuries.

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