Taking Notes after a Personal Injury Incident

June 16, 2017

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Taking Notes After an Accident

Personal injury accidents exist in many forms. Automobiles, motorcycles, buses, boats, and bicycle accidents garner the most attention, yet personal injury doesn’t remain with vehicles. Pedestrians can get hurt just by crossing the street. Dogs can bite children and adults without warning. Slipping on unstable objects and being burned by fire or hot objects cause injury as well. A personal injury attorney is the premier solution to your claim. What would help an attorney perform their duty to the fullest is for clients to remember what happened in detail. Take notes immediately after the accident.

Why is taking notes helpful?

  • The memory is fresh on your mind. As the days go on, memory fades. A fading memory invites an opportunity to add a spin to the narrative.
  • It keeps the memory alive. Written information helps the mind remember the incident so you can tell the truth in court.
  • Your attorney needs the information to defend your case. Notes are the foundation for finding concrete proof to support the claim.

How to Take Notes

  • Jot down the story. This includes conversations, the incident, the reason for being there, and injuries suffered.
  • Jot down the facts. Leave opinions out of it as it skewers the story in your favor instead of stating the truth.
  • Jot down overlooked details. The weather, the street location, your mood, the other party’s mood, the emotions felt during the incident, and reasons for choices made are examples.
  • Jot down information happening after the accident.Visits to the doctor, pain suffered, side effects, insurance calls, losses stemming from the incident, and additional conversations related to the incident are examples.
  • Return to the scene of the accident if possible.This helps jog memories overlooked during the incident.

If You’re Injured

Act now. Contact Ramos Law to listen, communicate, conduct an investigation, and resolve your case with personal injury attorneys. Your well-being matters to you, and you matter to us.