What to do in a Snow-Related Accident

August 17, 2017

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Drive Safely in Snow

Safely driving in snow is possible when you take the right precautions and understand the driving alterations you should make. Having the right tips at your disposal will help to make all of your winter drives a little safer and reduce the risk of injury. If an accident does occur while driving, contacting a car accident injury attorney is a good idea.

Inspect Your Vehicle Before Driving in Winter

When your vehicle is in good working order, this is automatically safer when you are on the road. Make sure to pay particular attention to your brakes and tires. Your tires should be properly inflated, and you will want to check this more frequently in the winter since the colder weather can cause tires to lose pressure faster. The brakes should be in good condition and not wet.

Driving Changes to Enhance Safety

Safely driving in snow means making a few changes concerning how you tackle the roads. The first step is putting on your seatbelt just in case an accident occurs. Next, slow down and only drive as fast as you are comfortable. Make sure to keep a fixed amount of distance between you and any vehicle in front of you, since you will not be able to stop as quickly. Always accelerate and decelerate slowly. Avoid hills if possible since they can be difficult to climb and are very slippery to drive down.

Common Driving Mistakes to Avoid in Winter

There are a few mistakes that people often make when driving in the snow. When you work to avoid these mistakes, you are going to make the road safer for yourself and those you are sharing it with. These mistakes typically include:

  • Thinking four-wheel drive makes your car automatically safer
  • Following other vehicles too closely
  • Not adequately preparing for snowy roads
  • Slamming on your brakes
  • Driving too fast for the outside conditions

When Should I Contact a Car Accident Injury Attorney?

Driving safely in snow can help to reduce the risk of an accident and personal injury in Denver, but unfortunately, it cannot completely prevent one since you cannot control the other drivers on the road. If you are in a winter-related car accident, consult a Ramos Law personal injury attorney in Denver to learn about any recourse you might have.