Ep. 175 | Conquering Life’s Bullies: A Lawyer’s Inspiring Story

July 7, 2023

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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From the playground to the courtroom, Ramos Law litigation attorney, Adam Detsky knows firsthand how to conquer life’s bullies. In this insightful episode of the Ramos Law Difference Maker’s podcast, join Dr. Hoven and Adam as they dive into an open conversation about personal experiences with overcoming childhood bullying and navigating the challenging landscape of defending insurance companies.

Join us as Adam shares his inspiring journey of self-discovery, resilience, and personal growth. From facing schoolyard bullies to tackling corporate giants, Adam’s experiences have shaped him into a passionate advocate for justice. He provides a unique perspective on his transition from representing insurance company defendants to becoming a fierce advocate for accident plaintiffs.

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Meet The Contributors

Jim Hoven

Director of Operations - Ramos Law

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Adam Detsky

Litigation Attorney - Ramos Law

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