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Have you been injured due to an Auto Accident, Job Injury, Slip & Fall, or any other type of injury due to someone else’s negligence? We can Help!



Ramos Law is not a law firm that is afraid to go to Court.  Our Director of Litigation is one of the top trial lawyers in the state and our team is always ready to fight for what is fair.

Ramos Law Employment Division


Have you been subject to Wage Theft, Pregnancy Discrimination, Sexual Harassment or Wrongful Termination at your workplace? Let us help!

A Doctor and a Lawyer

The Ramos Law Firm is different because we base our services on the experience of Dr. Ramos, a lawyer and an ER doctor.

Dr. Ramos built this law firm with one goal in mind – to take good care of people.  He combines his knowledge of law and medicine with a first class approach to service to make sure you and your family get the best care and that the insurance companies pay what’s fair.

We believe we have a proven reputation for honesty, hard work, and fairness. We are proud to have a long list of happy clients that know we did all that we could to help them and their families. We truly are a law firm that cares about people just like a doctor cares for his patient. Taking good care of people isn’t just a slogan, it’s simply in our DNA.

Ramos FaviconOur law firm continues to grow and we are here to help folks who need it, including:

  • People injured in car crashes.
  • People with work injuries or Social Security disability claims.
  • Workers that aren’t paid fair wages.
  • Workers that aren’t treated fairly at work.

Choosing an attorney can be tough. We welcome you to contact us if you need help and want to work with a talented law firm that truly cares about people. You will notice that right away the first time you contact us.  We will do all that we can to help you and your family.

If you need help give us a call. We don’t charge to talk to us and we offer a detailed consultation with an attorney. We hope you stay safe, but if something happens and you need help, we look forward to taking care of you and your family.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of someone else’s mistake, or if you have questions because you got hurt in a car accident, call Ramos Law now at (303) 731-4477 or contact our Denver-area lawyers today.

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We are passionate about taking care of people like you.

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Ramos Law practices in Personal Injury, Employment Law, Business Law, Criminal Law and Litigation in Denver, Boulder, Greeley, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Steamboat Springs and all of Colorado. 

Testimonials & Client Thank You Letters


After an accident in November 2013 I visited an injury firm that left me feeling gross and more of a notch in their belt then a real person.  Gladly I didn't go with them but instead sign with the Ramos Injury Firm...Read More

Olivia F.
Littleton, CO


The Ramos Injury Firm has been amazing by helping me get through this tough time. They set me up with an amazing physical therapy team where I get chiropractic care along with massages...Read More

Theresa H.
Aurora, CO


I was rear ended by an uninsured driver at 45mph which resulted in severe damage to my car and injuries to myself and my passengers.

Brian Calandra not only...Read More

Dori S.
Denver, CO


My experience with the Ramos Injury Law Firm was excellent. Dr. Ramos & Meghan are so caring & compassionate. My entire family was in a very serious auto accident. We sustained multiple injuries...Read More

Brandi O.