RTD Safety and The Dumb Ways To Die

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be safe around buses and trains PSA

Dumb Ways To Die, the world’s most recognized public service announcement from Australia, arrived in Denver as the first US city to adopt it in 2016. Metro Denver’s transit officials launched the campaign to simply educate, entertain, and encourage the conversation to promote train and bus safety. Although Denver RTD has a reputable safety record and most people are safe around public transportation, we are reminded of the dumb ways to die and it’s anniversary.

Originally created for Metro Trains in Australia, the Dumb Ways To Die video hit viral status on YouTube in 2012 and gained worldwide fame. The creative safety awareness campaign, amassing 144 million views, introduces singing cartoons with clownish and absurd death scenarios, to spark conversation about safety. It becomes even more important to increase safety awareness since the United States has no national light rail safety standards in place. Although the message has been regarded as offensive, it has proven to be effective in a continually and increasingly distracted society.

In a matter of days after the launch, the song broke into the top 10 charts which came a large following on the Dumb Ways to Die YouTube channel and eventually the release of a game, recording 1.2 billion unique plays. Being the most awarded campaign in history, over 127 million adults and kids worldwide are dedicated to being safer around public transportation and so can you.

Here are some RTD safety measures to keep in mind.

  • Stay off the tracks.
  • Don’t touch those wires.
  • Stand back from moving vehicles.
  • When it’s gone, it’s gone.
  • Watch the doors.
  • Be patient at pedestrian and vehicle crossings.
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