Ramos Law and Channel 7 Team up to Help Put Books in the Hands of Children

July 19, 2019

Colorado Springs

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As a child, I always loved reading. When I was a toddler, my mom would always read bedtime stories to me. In second and third grade Dolphin Diaries was my favorite series, throughout the rest of my elementary school, I’d have my nose buried in a Nancy Drew mystery.

Fast forward about 10 years, and countless books later, I found myself at Ramos Law. Just a few weeks ago, I was told Ramos Law was partnering with Channel 7 and the Scripps Howard Foundation’s “If You Give a Child a Book…” event to promote literacy for kids in our community.  I was given the opportunity to volunteer for the event. I remembered how important reading was to me as a child, and I was excited for the chance to help children get the same enjoyment from books that I did.

As we began giving out books, the children’s faces lit up when we told them they can have as many books as they would like, as long as they promised to read them and enjoy them. Watching the kids pick out their own books with delight in their eyes and beaming smiles warmed my heart. Many of them started reading immediately. The whole experience took me for a trip down memory lane.  I remembered how great it felt to have a new book in my hands and being so eager to get home and begin reading.

Participating in the “If you give a child a book” event made me even more proud to work at Ramos Law. The day was full of caring, putting others first, and having a ton of fun while doing it!

To learn more about the “If You Give a Child a Book” campaign – https://www.thedenverchannel.com/about/community-affairs/if-you-give-a-child-a-book-campaign-helps-lift-children-out-of-poverty

To learn more about the Scripps Howard foundation Book Campaign –