Scott Hooper, JD

Of Counsel

About Scott Hooper

No matter how you slice it, the legal system is complicated. Laws can be complicated to interpret and complicated to apply. That’s why getting a favorable outcome in your case can be—once again—nothing short of complicated.

Despite practicing law for the past 25 years, Scott Hooper is not complicated. The people who hire Scott as an attorney don’t want to deal with complications. They want to deal with a professional who can tackle the legal system on their behalf, then come back and explain it in a way that directly relates to the problem that led them to hire an attorney.

Scott’s approach to his job is shaped by his awareness of how a client’s life is impacted by his or her legal concerns. Without knowing this, it would impossible to craft a personalized legal strategy truly in the client’s best interest.

Professionalism Without Pretense
Though he strives to understand each client’s situation, Scott doesn’t pretend he’s stood in everyone’s shoes before. That’s because he is most comfortable standing in the shoes of an attorney. He has over 25 years of legal experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, and his time on both sides of the aisle helps him understand the dynamics at play in every case.

Scott prides himself on his trial skills. But he knows a trial isn’t always the best route to take. Scott is results-oriented. The desired outcome will determine the best approach.

Since he was admitted to practice law in 1988, Scott has handled cases ranging from personal injury lawsuits to commercial litigation. He has represented hundreds of people seeking justice after exposure to dangerous chemicals. He has filed product liability lawsuits for injured consumers and also defended similar cases as an attorney for manufacturers.

Scott can point to a game-changing moment in each case he has won—an instance where his diligent preparation shines, illuminating details of the case that might otherwise have remained in the dark. Scott knows that cases are won or lost before they ever enter a courtroom.

Other lawyers know Scott’s reputation for handling cases. That is why Scott has been hired in a number of cases by other lawyers to assist them or take over cases when the issues were too technical or the cases were too complex. Scott also has no problem bringing other attorneys into the picture if doing so in his client’s best interest.

Scott serves as an attorney Of-Counsel with Ramos Law.

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