Misty Rivera-Sabala

Project Manager

About Misty Rivera-Sabala

Hello! My name is Misty Rivera-Sabala. I have been a Project Manager for Ramos Law since November 2022. I have spent the past 16+ years working in the Affordable Housing industry. My previous work experience has shaped me into the person that I am today, both in my personal life and professional career. I have walked alongside many, all at different stages in their lives. Some at their lowest point in life, some were truly unkind, plenty were emotional, but most were frustrated and felt misunderstood. I will be forever grateful to each and every one of my previous co-workers and client’s. It is because of them that we all made it through those stages of life by way of teamwork, humility, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and so much more. It is also those experiences that I credit for leading me to one of my most favorite places on this planet – Ramos Law. My title is project manager but that does not mean that my abilities are limited to this one area. I will step in, up, down, and all around just to lend a helping hand. Basically, if I’m needed, I’m there, no matter where.

I enjoy taking casual bike rides with my husband, while discovering new bike trails throughout the neighborhood. I am a busy Mom to a 19-year old college freshman, a 14-year old high school freshman and last but not least, a little teeny but busy 13-month old. I’m that protective and oh-so naive mommy, who refuses to admit that her babies will eventually grow up to be adults and leave the nest. I’m a total fan-girl for my handsome husband, who has taught me so much over the past 22 years.

I am a craft enthusiastic by night, weekends, and pretty much all non-working days. Photography, technology, woodworking, sewing, and crocheting are some of my passions. I learn or teach myself new hobbies often. My creative channels are always flowing, and my brain is always busy; I drive my husband crazy. I have been told by many that I have an old soul, and I am completely accepting of that. Earth, Wind and Fire are my all-time favorite musicians. Bruno Mars is my spirit-celebrity, if that’s even a thing. I absolutely adore Lucille Ball and of course, “I Love Lucy,” literally. I also love all things 80’s, from Punky Brewster to Dirty Dancing.

I am a Colorado native and a proud Chicana. I believe in social justice and will be forever grateful for movements such as The Crusade for Justice and The Chicano Movement because – we all matter.