Julia Regan

Paralegal, Litigation

About Julia Regan

Hello! My name is Julia Regan, and I am a Litigation Paralegal with the Ramos Law Firm. I initially joined Ramos Law in 2020 but left due to Covid. I returned in 2022 because, after 33 years as a Paralegal, I found that Ramos Law is truly unique in living its values and its emphasis on caring deeply for people who have been injured.

A Denver native, I attended CSU in Fort Collins where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Environmental History. I worked as Paralegal in Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation law throughout my college years and, upon graduation, returned to Denver to further my career. Through my experiences, I have learned firsthand of the personal satisfaction that comes from truly helping people navigate the complex world they find themselves in following an injury. I am well versed in all aspects of litigation, and the most important lesson that I have learned throughout my career is the importance of communicating openly and transparently with co-workers, clients, attorneys, and the Court. I am happy to be a part of the Ramos Law Family because they truly foster an environment that thrives on teamwork, which, in turn, enables each individual employee to better meet the needs of our clients.

When not passionately advocating for the injured, I enjoy seeking out museums of all kinds, reading, and spending time with my husband cruising through the glorious mountains of Colorado in our convertible with our three dogs buckled in the back with the wind in their hair. I am the very proud mother of two young, compassionate women, and spend as much time with them as I can.

Ramos Law is always here to help. If there is ever anything you need, please do not hesitate to reach out.