Joseph LoRusso, JD

Director of Aviation

About Joseph LoRusso

Hello, my name is Joseph LoRusso, and I am the Director of Aviation at Ramos Law. I joined Ramos Law in September of 2021. I have been in the aviation industry for greater than two decades. I made the decision to attend law school after five years of being a professional flight instructor. During my tenure as a flight instructor, I saw a need for dedicated and passionate representation of pilots. I absolutely love the aviation industry, and it has been nothing short of an honor to serve my community.

In addition to practicing law, I am also an active contract pilot. At present, I crew several Citation jets including the M2 and the CJ3+. I also crew several Lear 35s including an atmospheric research jet. In 2019, I was fortunate enough to fly the atmospheric research Learjet around the world. The tour included two long-term deployments, with one in the United Arab Emirates and one in the Philippines. While in the Philippines, we joined NASA’s P3 in NASA’s atmospheric campaign, “CAMP2EX.”

When I’m not working or flying for work, I can most likely be found flying for fun in either a 1943 Stearman or Carbon Cub. Since 2012, my wife and I have enjoyed attending and performing at local airshows in the Stearman. In the rare event when I am not at an airport, you can find me and my wife in the mountains either skiing or fishing, or you can find us on the side of a soccer field. My wife and I are board members on the Nick J. LoRusso Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund provides grants to youth soccer players and clubs all over Colorado. I am also on the board of directors for the Colorado Soccer Association, which governs and oversees soccer in the great state of Colorado.

My passion and absolute love for all things aviation make me a fierce advocate for my clients. Whether I am representing an airman in an FAA action or representing an injured party or family in an aircraft crash, I always strive to provide top-class service. I truly believe that each case is a personal investment and a passion project, and it is a privilege to serve.

Joseph was featured in the KDVR News story “Unruly airplane passenger incidents are on the rise.” Read more here.

In The News

HIMS Update

I last discussed the HIMS program in July of 2020.  My article, titled “Lifetime Monitoring: A Warning To Airmen,” followed the FAA’s policy change to establish lifetime monitoring for those in the HIMS program, and those yet to be in the HIMS Program.

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