Jessel Cruz

Client Service Representative

About Jessel Cruz

My name is Jessel Cruz, I am originally from Nicaragua, and I was raised on an island named Ometepe, full of humble and respectful people. Growing up on that island helped me learn to value other people no matter their circumstances or physical conditions. When I turned 24 years old, I decided to serve a full-time mission of 2 years far away from my family and friends in the beautiful country of Honduras, and from that experience, I learned even more about how to better serve and help other people. It is in my traits to help others unselfishly. At Ramos Law, people are first, and I am proud to work in a company that matches my values.

Any time you need legal consultation, guidance in the legal process, or just need someone to trust in times of need, Ramos Law is here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are ever in need. At Ramos Law, we genuinely treasure our clients and want to do our best to help those who reach out.