Ian Corella

Director of Business Culture

About Ian Corella

Hello, my name is Ian Corella and I am a part of the business development and marketing team here at Ramos Law. I am originally from Southern California but moved to Colorado in 2015 to be with my wife who was born and raised here. I am all about people and have a passion for helping others. In addition, I enjoy the competitive nature of marketing as well.

Competition is no foreign deity to me. I love playing sports of all kinds. I played collegiate basketball and I thrive in team atmospheres. Outside of the office, I enjoy being present with family and friends, along with playing disc golf, volleyball, basketball, hiking, attending events, mastering escape rooms, and other similar activities.

I enjoy working at Ramos Law because I believe the company’s morals and attitude coincide with those of my own heart, and I appreciate our amazingly diligent and hardworking team members. I love helping others and that’s what the Team at Ramos Law is all about. If you or someone you know has any questions regarding our team or what we do here at Ramos Law, please do not hesitate to reach me at ian@ramoslaw.com.