Gabriel Esquivel


About Gabriel Esquivel

Hello, my name is Gabriel Esquivel, the videographer here at Ramos Law. People often ask me how much of an impact a video or film can have on peoples lives and I always answer with “quite a lot”. I believe that one powerful piece of video or film can completely change someone’s outlook on life.  Films have certainly changed and shaped my life for the better. They have not only taught me my craft but also how to be a more kind, compassionate, and understanding human being.

It is for this reason that I feel right at home here at Ramos Law. I can take my passion of helping and educating people in the video format and pair that with the same ideals that Ramos Law wholeheartedly believes in.  Therefore, it has been my pleasure to provide you, the audience, content on our various platforms that serves to educate, entertain, and bring awareness of our amazing team here at Ramos Law.

When I am not here at Ramos Law, I love to spend my time watching films and playing my guitar. Interesting to note, I try and watch one film a day which is why I also I have a collection of movies that includes a little over a thousand titles from across history and nationalities.