Fernando Boza

Client Service Representative

About Fernando Boza

Hi there! My name is Fernando Boza I am part of the client services team here at Ramos Law. I joined the Ramos Law family in 2023. I’m a hardworking person who is constantly trying to improve myself. I have a lot of energy and a desire for growth and knowledge. I’m a super persistent and organized person with a lot of positive energy, in addition, I really love working in a team and solving problems to the best of my ability. I try to see problems as challenges that we need to get past, and I give 100% toward solving these challenges. I have always wanted to work in the legal field and am excited about the opportunity Ramos Law has given me. I have no doubt that I will continue to develop both personally and professionally while helping our firm to always do our best to serve our clients and anyone who comes our way.

My personal life journey has brought me here to Ramos Law. It has been a super interesting experience, very educational, and a learning path like how life is. Every day we learn something new and that’s what’s exciting!