Erika Caudillo

Work Comp Case Manager

Erika Caudillo is a Bilingual Assistant at the Ramos Law Firm in Denver, CO, offering assistance in personal injury, employment law, and social security disability in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

About Erika Caudillo

My Name is Erika and I am a bilingual Work Comp Case Manager at Ramos Law, one of the first voices you will hear when you call our office for help.

I will connect you to the right person and do my very best to make you feel as comfortable as possible through what is probably a very difficult time in your life. I was previously a pharmacy technician before I found a family here at Ramos law. I have firsthand experience in the medical world and I understand when patients are frustrated, in pain and need someone to understand what they are going through. Here at Ramos Law we understand how difficult this process is and will do our absolute best to help you and your family.