Davin La Rue

Legal Assistant/ Document Specialist

About Davin La Rue

Hello! My name is Davin La Rue, and I am a document specialist and legal assistant at the Ramos Law Firm. I joined the Ramos Team in 2023 to begin a career in the legal field after earning a Paralegal Certificate at Front Range Community College. Combined with a bachelor’s degree in communication from CU Boulder, my education has helped solidify my attention to detail, organization, and analytical skills. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned through my education and career is to be open to change. Change is an inevitable aspect of all parts of life, and while not always comfortable, embracing it can lead to wonderful opportunities. I am deeply excited to be a part of Ramos Law knowing that the Ramos Team helps clients navigate some of the most overwhelming and difficult events of their lives and does so with genuine compassion.

While I tend to be a homebody, I like to keep my hands busy. When I’m not covered in clay from working on pottery, I’m typically covered in dirt from gardening. In addition to a potted-plant garden with berry bushes, tomatoes, and peppers, I have a slew of houseplants that I tend to. Growing plants became a passion of mine a few years ago and it reminds me that growth and development can be slow- but this makes it nonetheless significant.

When I’m not tending my jungle of houseplants or playing with clay, I love to relax at home with my husband and two fur kids; a sweet lab mix and a too-smart tuxedo cat.