Daniel Filbert


Daniel Filbert is the CEO at Ramos Law, LLC. throughout Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

About Daniel Filbert

Daniel Filbert wasn’t born in Colorado, but he’s essentially a native. After being born in Wyoming, Daniel was raised in Broomfield, a northern suburb of Denver. He attended Broomfield High School and went on to earn a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis from Colorado State University. Following graduation, Daniel began searching for ways to apply his knowledge of finance in a meaningful industry that could make a difference in people’s lives. After searching, he took a leadership position with a company whose sole purpose was to be sure that injured people could get their medical bills paid.

With his attention to detail and his willingness to go the extra mile, Daniel became the day-to-day manager of a company that served the needs of hundreds of clients each and every year. During the years that Daniel ran the company it excelled and one of the primary relationships he had throughout that time was with the attorneys and team members of Ramos Law. With time, it became clear that Daniel’s values and skills were a perfect fit with Ramos Law and at the beginning of 2017 Daniel joined the team as the Director of Provider/Client Interactions.

When he’s not working, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife Liz and their three wonderful boys. He also loves golfing and time with friends over a great meal and a cold beverage.