Chad M. Biggerstaff, JD

Attorney, Personal Injury

About Chad M. Biggerstaff

Hello, my name is Chad M. Biggerstaff and I am an attorney in the personal injury division of Ramos Law. I have been practicing law in Colorado for more than a decade, spending most of that time in a courtroom representing business’ and corporations. As an experienced litigator and negotiator I am able to successfully advocate for the rights of my clients. Here at Ramos law I am now blessed to be using the skills I developed to help people through the most difficult times in their lives.
I did not take a traditional route in becoming an attorney. In my previous life I was a professional race car driver, contractor and stockbroker. While these careers were satisfying and challenging, my passion for helping others and the lure of the law continued to pull at me. Graduating from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law at forty years old, while working and raising four kids, was a life changing experience that has allowed me to fulfill my dream of practicing law.
In my years of practice, I have had the opportunity to work with and be exposed to a variety of law firms and lawyers. Dr. Ramos and the team at Ramos law is like nothing I ever imagined a law firm could be, truly passionate, caring and driven to help clients improve their lives.
When I am not helping people solve life’s legal problems, I love to spend time with my amazing wife of 27 years and our four fabulous children. We spent many years involved in competitive sports with each of the kids, but when we are not on the volleyball court or at the ice rink, we enjoy all that is Colorado; hiking, hunting, backpacking, and just being outdoors in the mountains.

I am always here to help and answer any questions and can be reached on our direct line at 303.733.6353.