Brian Calandra, JD

Senior Partner

Brian Calandra is a Denver Personal Injury Attorney offering assistance for those injured in cases such as motorcycle accidents, car wrecks, truck accidents, or dog bite injuries in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, New Mexico, Phoenix Arizona, and surrounding areas.

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About Brian Calandra

Hi, my name is Brian Calandra and I am the Senior Partner at Ramos Law. I work side by side with Dr. Ramos to make sure all of our clients get first class representation and service.

I joined Ramos Law in June 2012 and have been practicing personal injury and product liability law since 2001. I attended Boston University School of Law and am licensed in Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia, New Mexico and Ohio. I have a passion for representing the injured and have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases over the years. I wanted to be an attorney all of my life and now I am living out my dream by practicing here in Colorado.

When I am not working, you will find me in the mountains on my mountain bike or on a set of skis. I grew up in a family catering business back in Michigan so I am a pretty darned good cook. 

I am no stranger to injuries, surgery and injury rehabilitation. I am passionate about traditional Japanese karate and trained extensively for years. The years of training took their toll physically and I have battled through a dozen surgeries over the years. I know firsthand what our injured clients go through and how much being injured can impact a person’s marriage, family, work and personal life. My injuries have only made me more passionate about my work and I know exactly how to explain to people what it is like to battle through a surgery or injury. I consider myself a fierce advocate for folks injured through no fault of their own.

I am here to help you and you should feel free to contact me anytime at (303) 733-6353 or to discuss your case and you can trust I will give you the best legal advice I have.