Annie Lowry

Director of First Impressions

About Annie Lowry

My name is Annie and I am the Director of First Impressions at Ramos Law. I am always willing to direct your telephone call or in-person visits to one of our client relations representatives to further help you during any difficult time you have encountered.

I have lived in Colorado since I was 5 years old and am enjoying being back in the state after working in Chicago for two and a half years. I am a true follower of my granddaughter’s softball journey through high school, along with recreational softball leagues and my grandson’s work at his favorite golf course…family provides me with nothing but happiness.

My background covers over 40 years of administrative assistant positions both in the brewing industry and advertising realm.

I enjoy reading and just being “in the present” at any time, whether it’s at work or being with my family and it’s a true blessing and pleasure to be called a member of the Ramos Law Family.