Annabelle Cosio

Document Specialist

About Annabelle Cosio

Hello, my name is Annabelle. I am a Document Specialist at the Ramos Law Firm. I am in charge of checking and handling important documents. This includes labeling, sorting, and properly storing records in the system. I have a background in administrative support and document management. Some of my other experiences include voice, chat, and back-office support, and experience as a fraud analyst. I also have spent time in customer service, helping with different areas such as customer inquiries, resolving issues, and customer satisfaction. My past experiences have helped me develop great analytical and thinking skills. I take pride in my attention to detail skills as well as my ability to empathize, multitask, actively listen, and remain calm under pressure.

I have five kids – three boys and two girls. I enjoy spending time with my family outside of my time at work. Some of our family activities include movie marathons, online games, and spending quality time with the family at home. My kids love pets. They treat them as their siblings. We have a fish, a dog named Doug, and Siamese cats named Ziam and Mizzy (our cats also have kittens). As a working mom, I understand the importance of time management and prioritization. I work with responsibilities while ensuring that my children receive the care, attention, and love they need. My ability to multitask, adapt, and solve problems is also strengthened as a professional by this experience. I believe that working moms are capable of thriving both professionally and personally with the right support, understanding, and opportunities.

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