Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney When Hit by a Car

June 13, 2017

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Getting Hit By a Car

If a car hits you, there is the potential for a number of injuries that might occur as a consequence of the accident. A better understanding of what these injuries are can help you determine when you need immediate medical attention. Contacting a bicycle accident attorney can also be helpful.

Soft Tissue Injuries

If the accident is minor, there is a chance for minor soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash, sprains or strains. These issues can cause varying degrees of pain, bruising, stiffness and a range of motion reduction. Since severe soft tissue injuries sometimes require surgery, it is important to have a doctor completely evaluate this type of injury.

Head Injuries

Head injuries range from minor to severe enough to result in symptoms like seizure and coma. All head injuries warrant an examination by a doctor. In most cases, a CT scan or similar type of imaging works to identify potentially life-threatening issues. For example, a brain bleed and to assess injury extent.

Broken Bones

If a car hits you, this is a type of blunt force trauma and a very common cause of broken bones. If you break a bone, it is common to experience pain, swelling and bruising. Deformation at the injured site is also possible. In severe cases, the bone might break through the skin and be visible. This is a medical emergency.

Cuts and Scrapes

If a car hits you, it is common to experience varying degrees of cuts and scrapes. You should have a medical professional evaluate all cuts and scrapes, even those that appear minor, to prevent infection. With cuts, when they are more severe, cleaning, debriding and closing them with stitches is important. More severe scrapes might require sterile bandaging. These need a thorough cleaning and debriding to protect against infection.

If I am Hit By a Car, When Should I Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

Whether you are walking or on a bike, if you are hit by a car, consulting a bicycle accident attorney is important to get proper legal assistance. This type of lawyer specializes in personal injury law and can help with accident issues.