Handling Hit-and-Run Accidents with Attorney Russell Araya of Ramos Law

March 13, 2024

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Attorney Russell Araya of Ramos Law dives into the complexities surrounding hit-and-run accidents in a recent Let’s Talk Insurance episode. With expertise and insight, Araya guides listeners through the necessary steps to take if ever caught in such a situation.

First and foremost, ensuring the safety of all involved parties is paramount. Araya stresses the importance of promptly contacting law enforcement to ensure the safety of all parties and document the incident. Gathering evidence, including photographs of the scene and vehicles involved, is crucial for bolstering insurance claims. For those with uninsured motorist coverage, Araya advises navigating the claims process to maximize coverage for medical expenses and property damage, ensuring fair compensation.

In cases where the perpetrator flees unidentified, Araya acknowledges the challenges the victim faces but offers guidance on filing uninsured motorist claims and seeking compensation. He underscores the importance of accountability, urging individuals to stay on the scene and cooperate with authorities rather than fleeing. Upholding integrity and fulfilling legal obligations is paramount in such situations, ultimately facilitating a smoother resolution.

Tune in to Let’s Talk Insurance for invaluable insights on navigating the aftermath of hit-and-run accidents.