Ep. 174 | Cats, Care, and Career Shifts: Leila Qari’s Journey from Law to Paws

June 30, 2023

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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In this pawsitively delightful and inspiring episode of the Ramos Law Difference Makers Podcast, we dive into the cat-tivating world of felines, entrepreneurship, and personal transformation with Leila Qari, the visionary founder of the Denver cat Company and Denver Cat Rescue.

In this engaging discussion, Leila shares her remarkable journey from being an attorney to establishing Denver’s very first cat cafe, a concept that was still relatively new in the United States. As an immigrant from Pakistan, Leila followed her passion for feline companionship and discovered a unique path to combine her love for cats with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout the episode, Leila provides valuable insights into the process of making a drastic career change, including the challenges and rewards that accompany such a transition. She shares her experiences in managing her business, highlighting the significance of care as the foundation of her work. Discover how Leila’s journey, resilience, and dedication have shaped her as a difference-maker in the lives of both cats and humans! 

Learn more about Leila, Denver Cat Company, and Denver Cat Rescue ⬇️

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Jim Hoven

Director of Operations - Ramos Law

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Leila Qari

Founder - Denver Cat Company & Denver Cat RescuE