Ep. 173 | When Life Gives You Lemon Law

June 23, 2023

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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Get ready for an empowering episode of the Ramos Law Difference Makers Podcast as we dive into the fascinating world of lemon law with the remarkable Raina Bayas. Join us as Dr. Hoven engages in an insightful conversation with Raina, Colorado’s only female lemon law attorney, uncovering her inspiring journey from defending big businesses to becoming a globe-trotting advocate for local communities, establishing her own law firm, and how morning routines help prepare her to give her best of herself every day.

Prepare to be inspired by Raina’s courageous career shift and her unwavering commitment to standing up for consumer rights. With her expertise and passion for justice, she has become a true difference-maker in the field of lemon law.

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Director of Operations - Ramos Law

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