Celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Ramos Law Style

May 20, 2018

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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Colorado has long been home to a vibrant and thriving Latino culture and one of the most important dates to many Latinos is the celebration of Mexican-American culture that occurs on May 5th each year, also known as Cinco de Mayo. The official reason for “Cinco” is the victory that the Mexican army achieved over a French army that was viewed as stronger and better trained than that of the Mexicans. While this is still acknowledged as a significant part of Mexican history, the current context of the holiday has changed. Today, Mexicans and other Latino groups connect the Cinco date as part of their cultural pride as well as an opportunity to celebrate their lives in America.

Denver Cinco de Mayo, one of the nation’s largest Cinco events hosted tens of thousands of people from across the metro area where Ramos Law participated as a major sponsor, working directly with the event’s non-profit producer, NEWSED. We provided candy, toys, sunglasses and free legal consultations to many of those in attendance. Besides providing complimentary services, the 22 of our Ramos Law team members who volunteered to work the event also had a chance to unwind and relax. In fact, our Director of Marketing, Ian Corella entered and WON the taco eating contest, knocking back 10 tacos in just five minutes…well done, Ian!

Rob Quinn, media buyer for Ramos Law, said “I’ve been involved with this event for over 20 years and to see so many generations of people, not just Latin enjoying the Mexican culture is something truly special. This is the kind of event that brings pride to our entire city.”