Auto Accidents While On The Job

February 9, 2024

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Auto Accidents While On The Job with Russell Araya of Ramos Law

Navigating insurance matters after an on-the-job accident presents unique challenges. In the latest episode of House of Law, Ramos Law Attorney Russell Araya delves into the intricacies of auto accidents while on the job.

These scenarios entail complexities beyond a standard car accident. Araya outlines the two claims essential for victims: a worker’s compensation claim and a motor vehicle accident claim. With a worker’s compensation claim, the injured party lodges a claim with their employer, accessing care through worker’s compensation insurance. Collaborating with a worker’s compensation attorney guarantees the timely and adequate care required for recovery. Regarding the motor vehicle accident claim, a personal injury attorney assists in filing against responsible parties, ensuring a fair settlement from insurance providers.

For comprehensive guidance on handling on-the-job auto accidents, tune in to House of Law Episode 29 through the link below.