Tips For Driving In Winter Weather

December 28, 2015

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Driving Safely in Colorado Winter Weather

Driving in Colorado’s harsh winter weather can be nerve-racking and dangerous. Drivers should know the safety rules for driving on winter road conditions. Ramos Law reminds motorists to take care and drive with caution in adverse weather.

The following are some helpful tips to follow in winter weather:

  • Avoid driving when you are tired. Making sure you are well rested before heading out into the winter weather reduces driving risks.
  • Never leave your automobile running inside an enclosed area, like a garage.
  • Be sure your tires are sufficiently inflated.
  • Prevent the gas line from freezing up by keeping the tank at least half full.
  • Try not to use your parking brake during cold and snowy weather.
  • If road conditions are slippery, do not use the cruise control.
  • Be sure to wear your seatbelt at all times.

Tips for driving in the snow:

  • The best way to keep or regain traction and avoid skidding is to accelerate and decelerate slowly. Remember to take more time to slow down for a stoplight or stop sign.
  • Drive slowly. Stopping, accelerating, and turning all take longer on snowy or icy roads.
  • Clear all windows and lights of frost and snow.
  • Drive with your headlights on.
  • Use extra caution on bridges, ramps and overpasses. These areas are likely to freeze first and stay frozen during a winter storm.
  • When approaching a red traffic light, try to slow down enough to keep rolling so that you do not have completely stop before it turns green. It is much easier for your car to get moving again while it is still rolling, versus completely stopped.
  • Make smooth, careful movements. Avoid skids by anticipating lane changes, turns and curves.
  • Get some good speed and movement going on a flat roadway before driving up a hill, rather than applying gas once you’re climbing.
  • If it’s not absolutely necessary to go somewhere – STAY HOME. Even if you are an excellent winter weather driver, the person driving in front, next to, or behind you may not be.

We at Ramos Law hope you stay safe on the roads this season. But, we know that accidents happen. If you need help, just give us a call at (303) 733-6353, or email us at and we’ll be here for you.