Playworks is for Kids of ALL Ages!!

By June 15, 2017 October 12th, 2018 In The Community
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On June 15, 2017 Team Ramos Law entered the ultimate in team and athletic competition…KICKBALL! Twenty members of the firm traded their Business attire for shorts, tournament-T’s and sunscreen. The event was sponsored by Playworks, a national company with a 6 year history here in Colorado who serves over 35,000 kids in 79 schools across our state. The Ramos Law team attempted to kick, run and catch their way through the tournament. They did not score many runs, but had a great time as a team, and meeting new people from the community.

“While we weren’t able to bring home a trophy for kicking butt at kickball, we were voted by Playworks as the Best Sportsmanship team in the tourney…a really cool consolation prize!” , said Director of Client Services, Maricel Rodriguez. ”Everything we do at Ramos Law is to make a difference and to have fun doing it! This was just another chance for us to live our message…Ramos Law ROCKS!”

Playworks’ mission is to help both students and teachers by establishing safe, organized and productive playtime. Elementary students win by having fun in recess and being involved in special programming that brings inclusion to all. These programs enhance children’s motor skills while draining off excess energy that builds up when kids sit for long periods of time. Recess done right makes students healthier, fitter, and more receptive to learning, leading to a better classroom experience for everyone.

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