Navigating Ski Liability in Colorado: Insights from Ramos Law

March 14, 2024

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In a recent episode of the House of Law podcast, Ramos Law Attorney Chad Biggerstaff delves into the intricacies of ski liability in Colorado. Under the Colorado Ski Safety Act, ski-related incidents fall into one of two categories: cases against a ski area operator or cases against other skiers and snowboarders.

In cases against ski area operators, they’re legally required to inform you of skiing and snowboarding risks, typically on your ticket. This helps protect them from lawsuits for injuries caused by inherent risks on the slopes. Regarding collisions with other skiers and snowboarders, each participant must maintain control and awareness to prevent accidents. Impaired skiing or snowboarding leading to injury may result in punitive damages and medical expense obligations.

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations governing ski liability in Colorado. 

If you need guidance from a ski accident lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact our expert attorneys in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas. To gain a comprehensive understanding of this topic, tune into the House of Law podcast using the link provided below.