Ep. 177 | Whoomp, There It Is: DC Glenn’s Harmonious Blend of Skills, Learning, and Ambition

July 21, 2023

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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Get ready for a legendary episode of the Ramos Law Difference Makers Podcast as Dr. Hoven sits down with the multi-talented DC “The Brain Supreme” Glenn, one-half of the dynamic duo Tag Team known for their iconic 90s hit, “Whoomp! (There It Is)”. Join us as we embark on an insightful conversation with DC, delving into the history of the chart-topping sensation that took the world by storm.

In this engaging discussion, DC shares his remarkable journey beyond the music industry, exploring how he transitioned from his music career to become a successful actor, entrepreneur, and advocate for personal growth. Discover his insights on the importance of continuous learning, personal success, and diversifying your skills.

Get ready to be inspired by his journey, wisdom, and innovative mindset that has made him a true difference-maker in the music industry and beyond.

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Director of Operations - Ramos Law

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DC "The Brain Supreme" Glenn