A Deep Dive into Criminal Trials with Russell Araya of Ramos Law

January 25, 2024

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In a recent House of Law episode, Ramos Law Attorney Russell Araya delves into the intricacies of criminal trials. Araya highlights the crucial role of evidence in a jury trial by exploring the dynamics of the American legal system. The District Attorney’s goal is to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt by presenting evidence, ranging from witness testimonies to physical items like weapons and fingerprints.

The Defense, in turn, seizes the opportunity to question witnesses and present their own evidence to establish reasonable doubt. The episode unveils the jury’s pivotal role as they meticulously review all evidence, and in the end deliberate on a verdict — guilty, not guilty, or a combination. The jury’s decision ultimately determines the path ahead, whether it’s facing the consequences or walking away free.

Learn more about what a criminal jury trial entails from start to finish by using the link below to tune into House of Law Ep. 23.