When Do You Need a Wrongful Termination Attorney?

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Getting fired from a job is never any fun. Many people leave their jobs feeling bitter and hurt, especially if they didn’t see termination coming. While most states have allowed for “at will” employment, that doesn’t mean that employers can fire you for anything they want, including not paying all of your wages. Employees still have rights, and there are many situations where a wrongful termination attorney should be involved.

When Can An Employment Law Attorney Help?

Most people wouldn’t go to work if they didn’t receive a proper paycheck. While there is no limit on what an employer can pay you in Colorado, there are very strict minimum wage and hour laws. These laws protect employees from not being paid for all of the hours they work and overtime. Everyone deserves to collect a paycheck that accurately reflects the hours and dedication you put in.

In addition to knowing how much they can be paid, employees should also have an understanding of basic pay concepts. A local employment lawyer can help you research any of these details further and help you to better understand if your employer is compliant.

Lawyers Can Help You Get Your Overtime Pay

Overtime pay is extra money that employees are entitled to when they work an extensive amount of hours in a day or week. Current laws require employers to pay at least time and a half whenever an employee exceeds more than 12 working hours in a day. Employers also need to pay overtime when an employee exceeds working 40 hours in a single work week.

State regulations from the Department of Labor and Employment add to federal overtime laws. A dedicated employment lawyer can help you identify these laws and better understand the requirements your employer must follow.

Wage Violations can include:

  • Performing work while not on the clock
  • Receiving text messages and emails when you are not on the clock
  • Being asked to come in early or stay late after your shift to perform work off the clock
  • Forcing someone to work through their meal or break period when they are not clocked in

It is important to note that these are only examples of violations. There are many complex situations where an experienced employment lawyer is needed to sort out details and advocate for employee rights.

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Colleen T. Calandra, JD, LLM

Colleen T. Calandra, JD, LLM

Colleen Calandra is a Denver employment law attorney offering assistance for employees in cases such as workplace discrimination, unpaid wages and wrongful termination.
Colleen T. Calandra, JD, LLM

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